Climbing up... and Falling down

I think I'm ready to scream. A few days ago Wells started pulling himself up to a kneeling position and then a stand when ever he gets the chance. While I am happy for his accomplishment, the problem arises when he decides to get down, or slips unintentionally. He's falling and hitting his head on the floor every time followed by five minutes of inconsolable screaming. I feel like I need to follow him around with a safety net. I think when Nora entered this stage, I actually did follow her around and caught her falls until she was more sure on her feet. I only remember her actually falling on her head once and I promptly rushed her to the doctor. This time around, I am spread too thin. He usually falls when I'm busy helping Nora with something. Josh took these pictures the other day when he came home and I told him what Wells had been up to. We stood there and watched while he stood up and narrowly missed us catching his fall (it's so unpredictable, sometimes he stands for five minutes before falling, usually right when I turn my back...) For some reason, he didn't cry this time. Should I invest in a helmet?


MaryAnne said...

Be glad he's not climbing onto the chairs (and table) yet - and that you don't have tile floors.

Emma never fell anywhere near as much as Johnny does. Actually, I don't think she ever fell trying to stand up - she was too cautious. Johnny STILL manages to bash his head at least once a day - yet somehow he's fine... I have managed to keep him from falling off of any chairs/tables, but we've had a couple narrow escapes.

Cara said...

Wow - scary. It's too bad he just doesn't fall down back on him bottom. do they make helmets his head size??