Family Photos Easter 2009

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. It became even better eight years ago when Josh proposed on Easter morning in a little red canoe. Five years later, it became even better yet, when we blessed our sweet baby Nora that day. Okay, so we didn't take these on Easter. But we did dress up for church and take them exactly one week later at home. I really wanted a good one of the kids, I didn't even insist on them both smiling, just both looking in my direction. When one looked, the other looked away. When the other looked, the first was looking away. This is the best that we came up with. Even getting Nora to wear that 'scratchy' dress again was quite a feat. Oh well, Happy Easter!


Bryn said...

Taht is funny. Abby had a thing for the scratchy dress. It was a pain finding her a dress she would wear. They do make them (and undershirts do wonders). What a beautiful family.

Emma said...

My Abby also refuses to wear "scratchy" dresses. And dresses with bows that tie in the back because then she's uncomfortable when she sits against her chair, and she doesn't really like zippers or even buttons. We ended up with a skirt for Easter.
Sounds like a fun little trip to Washington. Neat.