Playing Together (Nicely, even!)

I just received validation for many months of yelling "watch out for the baby!" and "Don't stick that in his mouth!" and "Can you please take this diaper to the garbage for me?" NORA AND WELLS PLAYED TOGETHER- NICELY- WHILE I MADE LUNCH TODAY! Isn't this what every mother of two or more dreams about? I officially feel like I have two kids today- not one and a cling-on. AND Wells didn't fall from this standing position until I was able to finish up and get him down. It has been a day of milestones.


Scott and Jillian said...

That little kitchen is so dang cute! Where did you get it?!

josh, erica, nora and wells said...

Nora got this kitchen for her first birthday, a little early, I know, but she has loved it and played with it every day since. It was a steal at $30 at this crazy store near us called "building 19" which sells random merchandise that didn't sell elsewhere for whatever reason.

Jessica and Tim said...

You mean there is such a day? I have hope that this will happen in my household at some point. It's like I'm a referee instead of a mom, running interference all day long. I hope Wells is feeling better.