We have been talking about planting a garden for YEARS. Yesterday, we finally did it. It all started with a trip to our local garden center. $40 later, we were headed home with strawberry, tomato, broccoli, beans, and pepper starts and cantaloupe and pumpkin seeds. Josh had made our garden boxes with scrap wood from the deck that was removed to build our addition and filled them with garden soil that he got for free from a craigslist post. Talk about resourceful! We spent most of the afternoon positioning the boxes and planting, then watering the plants. It's a little late in the season, but we're excited to see what happens in our garden over the next few months!


MaryAnne said...

Your garden looks really impressive, I hope you get some good produce from it!

Sweet Em said...

I absolutely love the raised beds - it looks so classy. Good luck with the produce!

Emma said...

He is quite resourceful! The raised beds look nice - and yea for gardening!!! I am eagerly awaiting the first fruits of our very first garden as well!