Pony Ride

We had Josh all to ourselves on Saturday- I think he later regretted not going into school, but I loved it! We had to decide between two activities that both looked interesting, and in the end thought that maybe we should have chosen the other, but oh well. Nora got to ride a pony. It was the quickest ride ever, but she loved it. I think she may turn out to be a horse lover like I was. Of course I never got to do anything with it (except read the saddle club books), but horses were my passion for several years of my childhood. The pony that Nora rode was so cute and little. I wish I could remember its name. Nora would remember because she has this amazing memory, but she's out with Josh so I'll have to leave it at that.

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MaryAnne said...

Nora looks thrilled, I bet she'll remember that pony ride forever!