Camping in Vermont

What a great weekend! We went on a camping trip with some friends to Vermont for the hot air balloon festival- betcha never heard of it! Well, it's truly something to see. We also made sure to visit a apple cider mill and glass blowing demonstration as well as playing in the river by our campsite. Besides the last hour of the drive home- which nearly made me decide that two kids is just plenty- we had a fabulous time!

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Emma said...

Looks like FUN! I definitely have had some of those mommy moments of "two's good", and then we had Jaren, and now Clint and I can be found giving each other "the look" that means, "3 is plenty - did we ever really plan on having 5?" But then there are also the moments that make it all worth it - they are just so much Fewer and further between!!!
Your kids are both darling - I like their videos. Wells has such a sweet little giggle - so pleased with his trick.