The Boathouse and Dock

I have been so glad that I learned how to canoe and sail as a child and I have always wanted the same benefit for Nora and Wells. I look forward to the time when they are old enough to learn these skills. There is something empowering about mastering your own course on boat. The boathouse and dock proved to be quite a gathering place during our reunion and there seemed to be activity going on there at all times of day- and occasionally night. The first picture shows me comforting Wells after returning from a boat ride. He never liked the sight of me sailing or paddling away from him very much.


Jillian said...

I didn't know you were a sailor. With the boat and the wind and the sails, way far away from the dock. Ahoy! Lol! And your hair is getting *long*! I like it!

Emma said...

I love that you know how to do that and that you want to share that skill with your children. Your tide pool pics are GREAT! What a beautiful place.