I realized today that it's been a while since I have posted anything on our blog, probably because we haven't been doing anything too exciting lately. Josh has been so busy with school I can't even believe it- like as in not coming home AT ALL for days at a time. When he sleeps is anyone's best guess. I did notice a couch in the lab with a communal sleeping bag on it (ick! MIT students = smart but sometimes not too "smart" if you know what I mean...) the last time I visited although Josh insists that he's never used it. So I've had a lot of long days and nights battling it out alone. I decided to include a spattering of some of the recent pictures that I've taken including both of the kids' "mad" faces. Hopefully to come will be some fun fall activities but I make no promises.


ellen said...

It was fun to see you down at the MIT last week. :) That sleeping bag should be thrown away!

maryanne said...

Cute pictures, I love your kids' "mad" faces.