Nora and Wells, you are both at such great ages, I never want these days to end! I love hanging out with the two of you and feel so grateful that I have been given the chance to spend every day learning and growing with you. I love to see how you have become friends. Wells, you adore your sister even when she is headbutting and tripping up your little feet. You call "OOAH!" ('NORA!') when she's in the other room and point at the stairs with a very concerned look on your face when she is crying in her room during time-out. Nora, you are always very considerate about giving Wells a toy to hold that is comparable to the one that you are playing with. You try to include him in your never ending imaginative games and even allow him to be your 'prince' sometimes. He is always thrilled when you are around. Thank you for seeing each other the way that I see you both.