Letters and Stuff

I can't believe how long it's been since I have posted anything on our blog. The first photos are of some early valentine treats that we made for some friends who just brought their new adopted daughter home from Haiti. It was really very exciting to meet them at the airport as they brought their child home for the first time.
As you can see, Nora's been honing her fine motor skills. She is suddenly much more interested in letters and drawing. This is her latest chalkboard art display and one that I wanted to save. It's a portrait of Josh and me as we got ready to attend a holiday party together. Actually, Nora told me that it was a picture of us coming home at which time she was actually asleep so I'm not sure why she captured that particular moment. What a funny girl. Well, that's literally all we've been up to!

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maryanne said...

Nora's letters look great! And I love her portrait of you and Josh =)