Pretzel Playgroup

We had some friends over the other day and ended up making pretzels as a fun activity with the kids. I have fond memories of doing the same thing as a child, so I have been wanting to do it for some time now. The kids had fun and the result was cute- and edible! It was especially appropriate for Wells because I haven't had any luck with playdough because he always seems to be trying to taste it. I'm so glad that Nora and especially Wells are finally old enough to do some fun activities like these. I'm looking forward to the next years of fun projects with these two! Anyone have any great ideas?

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Yaker621 said...

I have a fun Christmas ornament recipe that I made with my Primary girls in Dec. that smelled so good. Maybe your kids wouldn't be too young to do it with your supervision, because the dough looks and smells good enough to eat, but isn't. Let me know if you want the recipe.