Busy Little Bees

We hold a Friday morning pre-school rotation and I'm in charge of crafts. We made these adorable bee hats at our craft time this morning. The kids spent the rest of the day 'buzzing' around the house and stinging each other (and me). On another note, as of yesterday, Josh is completely finished with classes- for the rest of his life! He turned in his final project yesterday for his last class and then came home early (well, 6 pm- early for him) He seemed a little surprised to note that I was more excited about this milestone than he was! One year to go... the finish line is in sight and none too soon, Wells climbed out of his crib independently this morning (luckily without getting hurt) and Nora broke her toddler bed while jumping on it. Did I mention that their (shared) room will not fit a twin bed? Just a peek into what's on my mind lately...

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Cara said...

So cute!!! You are the perfect person to be in charge of crafts! I would fail miserably at that!!

But, I too am VERY EXCITED that Josh is ALL done with classes and ONLY A YEAR LEFT!!!!!!! WAHOOO for both of you!!!!