BB- Our Weekend Guest

Nora found this HUGE beetle on our patio when we got home from the beach on Friday night. Being the bug lover that she is, she ran and got her bug box and put him in it. She named him "BB" which stands for "Biggest Beetle". BB stayed in the bug box for the weekend along with some treasures that Nora was constantly sticking in to make him feel at home. By Sunday afternoon BB wasn't looking too well. We decided that his weekend stay with us had come to an end.
We took him into the woods across the street to release him into the wild.
The reality and gravity of the situation began to sink in....
and then hit with full force... Nora was so sad to see BB go that she cried for at least 20 minutes. I mean full on, wailing sobs. BB was so happy that he scampered away as fast as possible and never looked back.
Good thing Wells was around to comfort his sister. Parents are so mean.
p.s. can you see the size of him in that box? I feel the like 3rd and 4th pictures put him into proper context. I mean the thing was HUGE! (insert shudder)


MaryAnne said...

That beetle is HUGE! I think you are a pretty awesome mom to let her keep BB as long as you did =)

Emma said...

I love how the pictures tell the story by themselves. What a good mom to let her keep and care for BB for the weekend. I wouldn't be so kind to the nasty oversized creature.