The Franklin Park Zoo

I've been wanting to get to this zoo for the entire time that we have lived here. A few years ago I tried when Nora was a baby and by the time we arrived she was asleep and it was pouring rain, so I turned around and went home. Today was perfect. The weather was great and the kids are at ideal ages to enjoy a several hour activity without loosing steam. Best of all, JOSH CAME WITH US. Even with all the stars aligned, we still only got to see about half of the zoo before we had to leave for Wells' nap. They have a lot of the big ticket animals that the Stone Zoo is too small for. I think the favorites were the giraffes, zebras and lion- his name is Christopher and he roared and roared and roared. What a great day!


Jennifer said...

We went to the Zoo on Saturday! It was Adler's first trip and he loved it. Trust me, there wasn't much else to see beyond what you mentioned. The lion was asleep the entire time we were there but the Tigers were being fed so we saw them eating.

Courtney said...

This Friday is free Friday at Franklin Park. We should go! Jenn too.