Old Sturbridge Village

On Friday I took the kids to Sturbridge to visit the historical village museum there. It was a LONG but very fun day. The kids told me that their favorite part was riding the "horse bus" (a horse drawn wagon) and getting ice cream. Great, I didn't need to drive an hour to buy ice cream! But maybe it was enjoying ice cream in such a neat, historical setting that they really liked. We tried our best to see everything but just couldn't. I think with small kids, it really does take more than one day. The place is HUGE and there is so much to learn and do. It was a beautiful day and I hope the two of them came away with a sense of what life was like for early Americans... or maybe they just had fun running around, trying everything they could get their hands on, and driving their mom crazy!


Amy Davis said...

Cute pictures! I love the one of Wells in the red wagon. :)

Me said...

Yeah! You made it on the wagon!!