The Discovery Museum

Yes, we actually hit two museums this week. Today Josh was headed to school (as usual) and I wasn't sure I was up for a day at home with the kids. Sometimes, it's actually easier to take them somewhere. So, we took advantage of the last freebie of the summer and headed to the Discovery Museum in Acton. I remember visiting this museum with Nora a couple of weeks before Wells was born. I also remember that she got really sick right afterwards so I have my fingers crossed that we won't have a repeat. This time we ended up in the 'big kids' building mostly because the other building was filled to capacity most of the day. I'm not sure how much science they actually learned, but I know they had fun running around and getting their hands on everything. The last two pictures are playing on the pirate themed playground outside while we waited for our number to come up.

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MaryAnne said...

My kids are all about the science museum there these days. I hope Nora stays healthy this time 'round!