The Baskets

Maybe I have totally spoiled my kids, but I LOVE holidays since becoming a mom. My entire life I have dreamed of how fun it would be to have kids on Easter, Christmas, etc.. Nora and Wells absolutely love the bunnies Ruby and Max cartoons. In fact, they are the only shows that they watch, in the car on long drives. I think it's because Nora is Ruby to a tee and Wells is Max. I found these adorable Ruby and Max dolls on-line and bought them months ago. It was a good choice- they have been playing with them non-stop since they pulled them out of the baskets. The chocolate bunnies were a special request and I was shocked and amazed to see Wells eat his all in one shot- in a about 45 seconds- chocolate drool all down his shirt. I wish I had gotten a picture of that. Have I mentioned how much I love Easter?

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