Birthday Camp-Out!

Wells wanted a race-car themed birthday party. He also wanted to go camping this summer. Seeing as my days of parties and camping are numbered (and so is my energy level!) we decided to combine his ideas into a camping, race car, birthday bash! We were a little worried about the weather forecast which called for rain, but ended up getting very lucky with only rain in the middle of the night and a bright, sunny morning to dry out all our gear! Wells loved having his friends along and celebrating outside- his favorite place to be. I think the main attraction ended up being the campfire, but luckily we came away with only minor scares and no burns to speak of. Overall, I would say our birthday camp-out was a success. Happy Birthday to my favorite little guy.


MaryAnne said...

You are such a good sport to do a camp out for him. I love the cake!

Jennifer said...

We had so much fun! Thanks for the invite!