Evie's first Visitors

Nora and Wells were smitten at once! Nora has been completely in love, and can't get enough of her little sister- Wells has his fleeting moments of interest in the baby that usually end in shouting and running around. I thought this conversation that I had with him as we left storytime yesterday was hilarious:
Wells: "Can I press on your tummy now, or is there still a baby in there?"
Me: "No, Wells, there is no baby inside- she came out and it's Evie!"
Wells: "Let's pretend there's another baby in your tummy and this time it's a boy!"
Me: "How would we be able to take care of another baby?" (I'll never be cut out for twins...)
Wells: "We'll just get another binky!"
I think he's still trying to make sense of all that has happened in the last month. He keeps asking when we will move to Utah, even though we've been here for three weeks now.


MaryAnne said...

I love your new banner photo! Evie is gorgeous, and I know Nora will be a stellar big sister for her!

I hope you are getting settled in well in Utah?

Johnny is always asking about his baby brother...

Jessica and Tim said...

Your hospital room looks totally like mine at the AF hospital. It was so fun to see you 2 weekends ago. It felt just like old times +3 kids. Ha ha. Your kids are just beautiful and fun.