More Tide Pool Pics

I couldn't resist. This place was so gorgeous and so much fun. We took so many pictures and with the perfect lighting of early evening, we ended up with some really great photos. The kids were in heaven. I rolled up Nora's jeans so that she could put her feet into some of the shallow pools and within about ten minutes she had slipped in completely and was soaked and shivering. That didn't stop her from collecting shells, crabs and star fish for an hour and a half and even then screaming in protest when it was time to go. When Josh and I had been married for only a year or two we traveled to Boston and Rhode Island on a road trip from Philadelphia to visit with his brother and friend who lived up here. When we tried to get home, our borrowed car didn't start and we ended up spending an extra night. It was a fun trip and we liked Boston (even visiting MIT Campus while we were here!) But we never dreamed that we would live here some day. This state park was definitely more of an adventure to visit with kids than it was without!

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MaryAnne said...

Great pictures, I especially like the one of you and Wells.