The Tide Pools

Oh, I have so much blog updating to do. Our immensely fun family reunion ended on Monday and I am completely overwhelmed by how many pictures I have to sort through. First on the agenda is to figure out how to include more than four pictures per post. Yes, that will be necessary. The first pictures that I looked through were of a visit to a state park in Rhode Island that features a very scenic rocky coast and tide pools. This particular outing was a highlight, so I'm starting with these. We had spent the previous week at family cottage in the Poconos and a few rather fun nights in New England upon returning. Nora was so upset to see her cousins leave on Monday that she cried bitter tears for 45 minutes. I must say, I got very lucky to have married into such great crew. More of the trip to come!


MaryAnne said...

Wonderful pictures! For uploading, have you tried using Windows Live Writer? It's a free download, and it makes uploading pictures much easier than going through blogger.

Jillian said...

You can upload more than four. You just have to click on the "add photo" box at the top again. Or you can make collages, so they count as one photo. Good luck! I'm excited to see more fun pictures of your cutie-patootie family!