The Boston Temple

We held an activity for the children on the grounds of our local temple Saturday morning:
It turned out be a clear and mild, but very windy day. We took the kids on a tour around the temple and taught them a little about that sacred building and some of the things that are done there. It is one of 131 operating temples with 9 under construction for those who may be curious. We feel very fortunate to have one so close to our home. Growing up in Philadelphia, our closest temple was a 2 1/2 drive to Washington DC but my what a temple it is:
After, we attempted a little photo shoot, for better or for worse. Here are the best of the lot. I was totally amazed as I flipped through the pictures that there was one that had all of us looking at the camera and smiling- even Wells. As that is a very rare event, it promptly became our up dated blog header even though there is a strand of hair blowing into my eye and a wedding party standing behind us.


MaryAnne said...

Great family photo!

Nate and Mandy Knoebel: said...

Edie wants me to tell you...

"We sure miss Nora and Edie too."

And Allie says...

"And Allie too."

Great pictures!!

Meriaten said...

Our friends Ryan and Laurel Arnold moved to Boston...Hey long time no see! Beautiful temple pictures!