Welcome Summer!

This past week the temperatures soared into a range that justified filling up the kiddie pool- and actually letting the kids get in! We did it a few times, actually, but I made sure to take pictures of the first. Nora has always had the water bug, Wells, not as much but I often wonder if it's just because he hates being cold because he loves the bath. I made sure to set the water out the night before so it was nice and warm by the time they got in, also it was so hot out that chills were not a concern. Wells had a great time and they both played happily until I made them dry off for dinner. The best part was sitting in the shade next to the pool flipping through the mail while they entertained themselves together. Bring on the heat!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed those days when my children were little. God Bless you all.

Scott and Jillian said...

Oh my word! They are growing up so much!! I feel like I'm not going to be able to meet them until they are adults!